Equine Facilitated Learning – Horse Therapy

Research suggests that working with horses has therapeutic benefits. We offer sessions with an Occupational Therapist trained in Equine Facilitated Learning who combines OT intervention outdoors and time with horses. We also have Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioners running sessions for children and parents. There are also chickens and other things to do outdoors if you choose to come along to a horse session.

We have a range of horses for all ages. From big to miniature we can find a horse for anyone - the nervous and the brave. Our horses are all trained to be around children and to help them learn horsemanship skills and how to look after animals and socialize with them.

Meet the team

  • Cherry - Registered Miniature Horse - Very cute and very cheeky
  • Goldie - Registered Miniature Horse - Smart and quick
  • Star - Our Little Pony - Sensitive and needs to be brave
  • Dusty - Registered Arab x Quarterhorse - Moody, fussy and intelligent
  • Rocky - Appaloosa x Stock Horse - Funny and naughty
  • Tori - Clydesdale - Gentle and caring
Improve Fine Motor Skills with Cherry
Improve Relationships & Confidence with Star
Miniature horses for miniature hands
Improve Gross Motor Skills with Cherry
Gain Trust with Dusty
Work Together with Tori
Improve coordination with Cherry
Make New Friends with Rocky and Star
Relax with Goldie and Cherry