Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to provide responsive therapy programs which address local families goals. Barefoot OT does not have a waiting list and we aim to see you within 2 weeks of your enquiry. We always try and listen to your point of view. At Barefoot OT we know clinical services are often too clinical. Our therapists can visit you and your child in your own home, or in your child’s usual environments. We offer a friendly service working on real daily activities. We can come to your school, kindergarten, family home and community environments so that your child can grow and learn while feeling relaxed and having fun. Or you are welcome to see us at Rosebud where we have a quiet, friendly space for children to be assessed and practice new skills.

Mission Statement

To offer occupational therapy for babies and children with disabilities/delayed development/mental health issues in their own settings with parents/carers as active partners in the therapeutic process using evidence based practice and traditional well-being approaches.

Guiding Principles

• To engage in the families journeys with courtesy, generosity of spirit, wisdom and knowledge

• To integrate Ethical Best Practice, traditional wellbeing practices and Clinical Evidence within the family and school settings

• To assist in the team process liaising with other agencies in the child’s life and empowering parents

• To offer a non-clinical ‘feel’ with a clinical specialist expertise