Who Needs OT

Barefoot OT services are appropriate for children of any age, with any diagnosis affecting learning and development, and for those who don’t have a diagnosis but are experiencing day to day difficulties.

We work with children with:-

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Attention Deficit Disorders
  • Sensory Processing Difficulties
  • Developmental Coordination Disorders
  • Developmental Delays
  • Physical and Neurological Conditions
  • Mental Health and Psychiatric Disorders

We work with Parents who:

  • Want help with parenting strategies
  • Would like to use coaching strategies
  • Want to understand their child’s strengths, needs and challenges

We receive referrals for school aged children with difficulties in:-

  • Sensory processing
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Visual perception and cognitive function
  • Attention, concentration and organisation
  • Social skills and behaviour
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Issues relating to hospital discharge

Babies and pre-term infants

We offer occupational therapy for babies and pre-term infants. Evidence suggests that early intervention is beneficial to a child’s future abilities and confidence so we can see them as soon as they leave hospital.

We focus on:-

  • Settling
  • Sleeping
  • Feeding
  • Early play and social skills
  • Reaching early milestones
  • Coaching parents